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Rapid Dominance

Half Finger Lightweight Tactical Shooters Gloves Patrol Military Specs Padded XL

Half Finger Lightweight Tactical Shooters Gloves Patrol Military Specs Padded XL

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Size: X-Large

Style: Military Tactical Gloves, Padded Shooters, Fingerless Gloves

Material: Polyester 4-way Spandex / Synthetic Leather

Color: OD Green

Brand: Rapid Dominance

Model: T23 - Lightweight Half Finger Gloves

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The Rapid Dominance T23 Lightweight Half Finger Tactical Gloves are engineered for precision and agility. Catering specifically to individuals engaged in shooting sports or tactical training, these gloves offer a unique balance of dexterity and protection. The hero of the design is in its material composition and craftsmanship; a backside made entirely of polyester 4-way stretch fabric promises ultimate flexibility and comfort, while the palm features high-quality synthetic leather, ensuring both durability and a secure grip. These elements make the T23 gloves an indispensable accessory in any tactical or shooting scenario.

Understanding the unpredictability of tactical environments, Rapid Dominance has strategically incorporated foam padding into the knuckle area, providing essential protection against impacts without compromising on mobility. The fingerless design further amplifies this focus on dexterity, allowing for unimpeded functionality. A neoprene cuff with a hook and loop wrist closure ensures a custom fit, tailored to each wearer's needs, securing the glove firmly in place. With sizes available in Large and X-Large and an offered lifetime warranty, these gloves stand as a testament to Rapid Dominance's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

All products from Clay's Military come with free shipping, ensuring that your experience is as convenient as it is satisfying. Upgrade your tactical gear today with the T23 Lightweight Half Finger Gloves and experience the perfect blend of protection and performance.

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