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MOSSEY OAK winter insulated gloves thinsulate hollofil cold weather glove

MOSSEY OAK winter insulated gloves thinsulate hollofil cold weather glove

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Style: Thinsulate Hollofil Winter Gloves

Material: Thinsulate Hollofil

Color: Mossy Oak Camouflage

In stock: Shipped same day or next morning

Brand: Whitewater

Designed for the outdoor enthusiast, our X-LARGE Mossy Oak Camouflage Winter Gloves are crafted with the highest quality Thinsulate Hollofil material to provide unmatched warmth and protection against the cold. The innovative Thinsulate technology traps and holds body heat, while allowing moisture to escape, ensuring your hands stay dry and warm even in the harshest winter conditions. The Mossy Oak camouflage pattern blends perfectly with natural surroundings, making these gloves an excellent choice for hunting, fishing, or any outdoor adventure.

Featuring a durable leather suede palm, these gloves offer superior grip and durability, ideal for handling outdoor equipment or driving. Manufactured by Whitewater Glove Co., these gloves are part of our "Old New Stock," guaranteeing both quality and exclusivity. Whether facing freezing temperatures or navigating through winter landscapes, our Mossy Oak Camouflage Winter Insulated Gloves are your go-to accessory for comfort, warmth, and reliability.

All products from Clay's Military come with FREE SHIPPING. Make sure to grab your pair of Mossy Oak Camouflage Winter Gloves today and keep your hands warm and protected throughout the winter season.

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