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U.S Military Issue Senior EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge Insignia

U.S Military Issue Senior EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge Insignia

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Condition: New on card

Overall Surface Treatment: Nickel & Silver

Size: Regulation (Full Size)

Color: Silver

Country of Manufacture: United States

Quantity: 1 Pair

Attachment: Clutch Back

Material: Copper Alloy

Gender: Male or Female

Manufacturer: Military Issue

Era: 1983

Branch: Army, Marines, Navy & Air Force

Supply Class: 8455 (Badges & Insignia)

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

DLA #: 100-83-C-4123

NSN #: 8455-00-113-0105

Crafted with precision and honoring the brave, our regulation-sized Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Badge Collar Insignia is a symbol of excellence and dedication within the U.S. Military's specialized EOD units. Made from a resilient copper alloy and featuring a sleek nickel and silver surface treatment, this badge is designed to reflect the esteemed qualities of its wearer. Not only does its solid construction guarantee durability, but the double clutch back design ensures secure attachment to any military uniform or collectors' display.

Issued by the military and made in the USA, this badge represents a remarkable blend of craftsmanship and national pride. Its significance is underscored by its versatility - suitable for both male and female military personnel or veterans from the Army, Marines, Navy, or Air Force. Marking a vintage era of the 1980s, it serves as a tangible link to the rich history of military valor and the enduring spirit of service among the United States' armed forces. Whether you're a collector of military memorabilia or seeking to honor a personal or family legacy of service, this badge is a dignified addition to your collection.

Embrace the legacy of courage and duty with our Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge. Reflecting decades of military excellence and crafted with the utmost respect for the armed forces, it's a piece of history you can hold onto. Plus, remember, all products from Clay's Military, including this distinguished insignia, come with free shipping!

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