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WWII Marine Corps Black Porcelain Canteen And Cup & Early Model Cover Dated1942

WWII Marine Corps Black Porcelain Canteen And Cup & Early Model Cover Dated1942

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Region of Origin: United States

Type: WWII Military

Country: United States

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Theme: Militaria

Original/Reproduction: Original

Time Frame: WWII 1939-1945, specifically 1942

Item: Marine Corps Canteen Cup And Cover

Branch of Service: U.S Marine Corps

In Stock: Yes

Cup Dated: 1942 (Vollrath)

Cup Material: Stainless Steel


Cover Color: Khaki

Cover Mfg: G.R Co

Cover Dated: 1942

Conflict: WW II (1939-45)

Canteen Material: Black Porcelain

Canteen Dated: 1942

Canteen Mfg: Vollrath

Dive into history with this authentic WWII U.S. Marine Corps black porcelain canteen, a rare piece from 1942 marked by its brief service period and distinctive craftsmanship. This collectible is not just a piece of military history but a testimony to the resilience and innovation of wartime necessities. The canteen features the early version of the black plastic screw lid with cork gasket, showcasing minor wear that mirrors its historical journey. Despite a small crack in the lid, which does not affect its functionality, this artifact stands as a resilient symbol of the era. Accompanying the canteen is a stainless steel cup from 1942, displaying no defects and retaining a functional handle, indicating its manufacture by E.A CO.

Completing the set is a khaki-colored canteen cover, which, while not an original Marine Corps issue, dates back to the same era and carries the essence of military utility with its early war version M-1910 hooks. The canvas is in very good condition, with both snap closures and stitching remaining intact, and the insulated lining preserved without tears or holes. Manufactured by G.R CO in 1942, this cover, though an army version, complements the Marine Corps canteen and cup, creating a historically significant ensemble. Ideal for collectors and history enthusiasts, this set resonates with the stories and valiance of those who served during WWII, offering a tangible connection to the past.

All products from Clay's Military come with free shipping, ensuring this piece of history can be yours hassle-free. Embrace the opportunity to own a remarkable artifact from one of the most pivotal times in military history.

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